Currently Studying Law at Liverpool John Moors University, running my own photography business alongside my studies, and maintaining a part time job.

I am an extremely self-driven individual, when I have a point to make I make it, I believe that it’s only fair to listen to all points of view. I don’t mind opinions and debates, expanding ones horizons is part of learning and developing an understanding, not only of the world but also ones self.

When it comes to the Law I know I have a few hard years ahead of me, well a hard career ahead of me, it’s not a decision I made lightly, I did my research on what it takes, I believe I have it. I don’t enter a race or games to come second. I was selected to be part of my universities external mooting team, I had competition for the two places from second and third years, someone who already had a P.H.D, yet I was still selected. My ability to formulate a logical argument and then guide the person I am talking to through each and every step makes me a difficult person to argue against. This has come in handy in my essays and my Mooting.

‘Variety is the spice of life’ is a very common saying. I believe this is true, experiences give us a rounded personality and the ability to empathise with a lot of different people. My experiences from stacking shelves to beating body panels for vans and then painting them has allowed to me meet a variety of people and has really opened my mind. This has manifested itself in to another part of my life which is photography or more specifically street photography. People can tell you a whole story without uttering a word and this is done through their body, the way they stand, their expression, their clothes, our bodies betray us and it’s these moments I love. Art in general is a love of mine but photography is preference.


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